Council Officers


COUNCIL OFFICERS FROM 7-1-2016 thru 6-30-2017

(If their name is underlined you can send them email)
Officer’s Duties

Grand Knight                              Jim Roberts
Past Grand Knight                      David Barker PGK, PFN
Chaplain                                        Fr. Buettner
Deputy Grand Knight                    Jose Ruiz
Chancellor                                    Patrick Valentine
Recorder                                       Greg Edel
Financial Secretary                       Tom Riley PGK, PFN
Treasurer                                      David Nielson
Lecturer                                      Roger Shepard PGK, PFN
The Advocate                              Michael Potuto
Warden                                       Pedro Aguero
Inside Guard                                Patrick Sery
Outside Guard                             Kevin Spalking
Trustee 3rd Year                           David Barker PGK, PFN
Trustee 2nd Year                           Chuck Culbertson PGK, PFN
Trustee 1st Year                            Roger Shepard PGK, PFN


Retention Committee                               Admission Committee 

Chairman  DGK Jose Ruiz                                        Chairman Chancellor
Trustee  Sk David Barker                                         Financial Secretary  SK Tom Riley
Trustee  Sk Chuck Culbertson                                  Treasurer  Sk David Nielson
Trustee  SK John O’Daly                                          Program Director  Sk Jose Ruiz
Financial Secretary  SK Tom Riley                            Membership Director  SK David Barker
Treasurer SK David Nielson                                      PGK SK Sk David Barker
Trustees – SK John O’Daly, SK Chuck Culbertson
Insurance Agent SK Jim Welter
Chaplain  Fr Buettner

Program Director DGK Jose Ruiz
Council Director DGK Jose Ruiz
Publc Relations Director Sk Mark Ruocco, PGK, PFN, FDD
Church Director Randy Stevens
Culture of Life  SK Vince Mooney
Communication Director SK David Barker
Family Director Brain Gawronski
Youth Dirctor Ray Kurtiak
Membership Director SK David Barker, PGK, PFN
LAMB Director SK Roger Shepard, PGK, PFN

St Michael Catholic Church