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Ongoing adult faith formation of the parish community is a key concern of any church pastor.  This year, at St. Michael the Archangel parish, our pastor, Fr. Matthew Buettner, is presenting a series where he is expanding on the material in his book Understanding the Mystery of the Mass (Tentative schedule).

Fr. Bruettner originally wrote the book after presenting a catechetical series on The Mass at his previous parish, St. Dorothy’s in Lincolnton, NC.  His parishioners found the material so helpful that they encouraged him to collect it into a book.

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The following sessions are available in .mp3 format which will play on any appropriate audio player, iPod, or computer.  Enjoy! and may your faith be strengthened

Sessions will be added as they become available.

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2013-2014 Sessions  Understanding the Mystery of the Mass

2014-2015 Sessions  End of Life Issues From a Catholic

2015 -2016 Sessions  Why Be Catholic?  (As they become available)

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Thank you and may your faith be strengthened by these sessions.

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