Donuts & Dogma 2013-2014

A Ministry of St. Michael the Archangel Church Gastonia, NC

Ongoing adult faith formation of the parish community is a key concern of any church pastor.  This year, at St. Michael the Archangel parish, our pastor, Fr. Matthew Buettner, is presenting a series where he is expanding on the material in his book Understanding the Mystery of the Mass.

The following sessions are available in .mp3 format which will play on any appropriate audio player, iPod, or computer.  Enjoy! and may your faith be strengthened.

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                       Donuts & Dogma 2013-2014

Date                         Title

09/29/13                   The Mass: Answer, Solution and Medicine

10/6/13                     From the Passover to the Paschal Mystery

10/13/13                   The Distinction of Catholic Worship

10/20/13                   Preparation for Holy Mass

10/27/13                   Procession to the Altar of God

11/3/13                     The Sacred Ritual

11/17/13                   The Mass as Total Immersion in Prayer

11/24/13                   Introductory Rites

12/1/13                     Actions and Gestures

12/8/13                     The Two Acts of the Drama of our Salvation

01/05/14                   God Speaks to Man

01/12/14                   Turning to the Lord

01/19/14                   Silence

02/02/14                   Offertory: Giving to God What Belongs to God

02/09/14                   Offertory: Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

02/16/14                   Musical Interlude: Role of Sacred Music in the Sacred Liturgy

02/23//14                Offertory

03/02/14                   Eucharistic Prayer I—Preface

03/16/14                   Eucharistic Prayer II—The Great Prayer of Thanksgiving

03/23/14                   Eucharistic Prayer III—Elements of the Prayer

03/30/14                   Eucharistic Prayer IV—Most Merciful Father

04/06/14                   Eucharistic Prayer V—The Church Triumphant

05/11/14                   Eucharistic Prayer VI—The Consecration

05/18/14                   Eucharistic Prayer VII—The Great Memorial

06/01/14                 Eucharistic Prayer VIII—Remember Your Servants

06/08/14                   Behold The Lamb of God

06/15/14                   Holy Communion

06/22/14                   Ite Missa Est

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Thank you and may your faith be strengthened by these sessions.


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