Donuts & Dogma 2014 – 2015

A Ministry of St. Michael the Archangel Church Gastonia, NC

Ongoing adult faith formation of the parish community is a key concern of any church pastor.  This year, at St. Michael the Archangel parish, our pastor, Fr. Matthew Buettner, in cooperation with Dr. Grattan Brown, STD and Associate Professor of Theology at Belmont Abbey College will be presenting a series covering “End of Life” issues.The following sessions are available in .mp3 format which will play on any appropriate audio player, iPod, or computer.  Enjoy! and may your faith be strengthened.

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Donuts & Dogma 2014 – 2015

DateTopicPresented ByNotes
Fr Buettner
9/14Creation/Fall/The Problem of EvilFr Buettner
9/21The Problem and Meaning of SufferingDr Grattan Brown
9/28Euthanasia and Use of PainkillersDr Grattan Brown
10/5Assisted Nutrition & HydrationDr Grattan Brown Handout
Ordinary vs. Extraordinary Means
Dr Grattan BrownHandout
10/19Death and Belief in the AfterlifeFr Buettner/Dr Grattan BrownHandout
10/26Dying and Clinical Definition of DeathDr Grattan Brown
11/2Physician Assisted SuicideDr Grattan Brown
11/9Organ DonationDr Grattan Brown Handout
11/16Ministry to the Elderly, Sick, and DyingFr Buettner/Dr Grattan Brown
Advance Directives/NCBC Guide
Fr Buettner/Dr Grattan Brown Link
Planning for Death/Church Protocols

Fr Buettner
12/7Wills/Estate Planning
Michael Kitson/Fr Buettner Handout
12/14Funeral PlanningFr Buettner Handout
1/4Dying/ DeathFr Buettner
1/11Reincarnation/Afterlife?Fr Buettner
1/18Particular JudgmentFr Buettner
2/1Final/General JudgmentFr Buettner
2/15Purgatory /Limbo?Fr Buettner
3/1HellFr Buettner
3/8Angels & Demons & GhostsFr Buettner
The Resurrection of the Body
Fr Buettner
5/3Life EverlastingFr Buettner

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