HHH Food/Drinks Service

Food/Drinks Service: We have a self-service buffet for one flat price ($12), which includes food and non-alcoholic drinks which are detailed in the list below. The buffet will be set up in the room directly behind our upper room. There will be a separate self-service cash bar for certain alcoholic drinks (see list below).

How to Pay: Please bring cash for the buffet and drinks. If you don’t have cash, you can still pay with a credit or debit card at the service desk on the first floor.

Our Server: We will have one assigned server who will collect the cash for the buffet and make sure the buffet items remain stocked. Because this server will be focused on these 2 items, if you want to purchase other alcoholic beverages not mentioned in the below list, or if you want to purchase a dinner after the talk, please do so downstairs at the service counter on the first floor.

How it Works When You Arrive: When you come to the upper room at 6:30pm or after (this is when Tequila’s has confirmed the room will be ready), our Tequila’s server will be on hand to collect your $12, then you can go to the back room and help yourself to the buffet.

Food Buffet ($12) Includes:
• Shrimp quesadillas
• Cheese quesadillas
• Mini steak burritos
• Tacos al pastor (pork on soft corn tortillas)
• Raw vegetables with Mexican onion dip
• Shredded chicken taquitos
• Roasted tomato salsa & corn chips
• Black bean and corn dip & Guacamole
• Sweet Treats: Sopapillas and chocolate chimichangas
• Sweet tea & water

Cash Self-Service Bar (not included in the buffet price): The following alcoholic drinks will be set up on a separate table or on the bar top and if you would like to purchase any of these, you would place your cash in the container that will be provided. The price list is as follows:
• Beers $4.00
• Wine glass $6.00
• Wine bottle $15.00
• Margarita glass $7.00
• Margarita pitcher $19.00

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