Least Among My Brethern  (LAMB)

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The LAMB Foundation of NC is a public 501(c)3 not-for-profit charity dedicated solely to assisting people who have intellectual disabilities within the state of North Carolina. Our organization is composed entirely of volunteers. As a result, 93% of the funds we raise directly goes to programs that support people with intellectual disabilities.

   LAMB Operations – video

Planning is underway for LAMB 2017. We will not be doing LAMB on Fridays or Sundays but will be doing on Saturday only.  The Saturday’s will be posted as soon as they are confirmed with the store.  Are you interested in being a Store Captain contact LAMB Director Roger Shepard @ Email .  So far this year our council has raised over $4,000.00 for LAMB.

State Supported Charities

Listed below are some of the local charities supported by Lamb Foundation of NC…

  • Holy Angels
  • Exceptional Children’s Departments in schools across North Carolina
  • UMAR
  • Special Olympics of NC
  • Duke Medical Fragile X
  • Regional DHHS Facilities: J. Iverson Riddle Center, Murdoch Center, O’Berry Center, Caswell Center

Listed below are some of the local charities supported by our council.

  • Holy Angels
  • Web Street School
  • ARC of Gaston County
  • Special Olympics
  • Lingerfelt School

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