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Lent Fish Fry 

Coming Soon watch for details in the church bulletin.  As soon as plans are made an email will be sent to members with the details so they can sign up to work.  We do the Lent Fish Fry on six of the seven Fridays in Lent.  We do not do it on Good Friday.

Annual Schedule  coming soon   


  Knight of the Month  December 2016  SK Bob Cinq-Mar
  Knight of the Year    
Family of the Month  December 2016  SK Patrick Sery and Family

Family of the Year    

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Tar Heel Knight

Nocturnal Adoration

On the first Friday of every month starting at 10 PM on Thursday the night before through Friday morning the Nocturnal Adoration Society members pray the night away in the presence of Christ Eucharistic. Christ wants you! The church needs you; we seek you. Can you not watch one hour with Him? For more information contact Randy Stevens.

MEMBERSHIP Information

So far this year we have had one new member transfer in and one member drop his membership.  A membership drive is being planned and details will be published soon.  If you know of anyone one who is interested in joining the Knights of Columbus you can contact our Membership Director David Barker at email.

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